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by | May 23, 2013 | Tranportation & logistics

local movers ChicagoWhen deciding on which local movers in Chicago to use for your move across town, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You are leaving the care of all your personal belongings in the care of these movers and so it is critical that you trust the company with the responsibility of transporting your possessions. Accidents can happen to those who are not careful with your choices and you do not want to end up in a new location with your things broken, ruined, or even missing. Some of the things that you may decide are necessary before hiring local movers in Chicago include performing background checks on employees you are hiring, determining if the company is available on your moving date, obtaining a price quote before agreeing to use the company, and contacting the company to set up the appointment.

Background Checks

You should make sure to do a background check on any local movers Chicago that you are planning on using for your move; some places to look include the Better Business Bureau or looking on the internet for any complaints associated with the company. It is important to determine which moving company is the most trustworthy and which ones can provide you with a check on the criminal background of the employees. You are entrusting these employees with the safe transport of your personal possessions so it is important to determine these things ahead of time.

Determine Availability

Another important determinant of choosing local movers in Chicago is their availability. If you have a set moving day you will need to choose a company that has resources available on that day. Even if they are the most reliable and best moving company in the city, they will not be helpful to you if they do not have the resources necessary to move you on the required day.

Price Quote

Ask for a price quote before hiring the moving company to help on your moving day. The prices available for moving will vary widely between the different companies and you can add to or subtract from the price depending on the services that you require. Take the time to shop around to guarantee that you are receiving the best deal possible on your next move.

Contact Company

The final step is to actually contact the company and set up an appointment date and time. Some companies will send out a representative to discuss the details with you or you can just work with them on the phone. Determine when you would need the employees at your home, how much stuff they would need to move, and how far the new location is from your present location; these will all determine the resources the company provides to you along with the costs of these resources.

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