There is a Need for Those with a Commercial Drivers License in Illinois

Since the 1960s, the trucking industry has been an integral part of the American freight industry. Those that obtained a Commercial Drivers License in Illinois were able to brave the nation’s new interstate highway system. Today, there is still a great volume of cargo that needs moving, however; the industry is experiencing a shortage of drivers. Here is some information to shed light on why there is an imbalance today.

The retirement of Baby Boomers

The main people who are employed in the trucking industry are baby boomers. Many of these are nearing retirement age. As they have already started to leave the field in great numbers, there are not enough younger candidates lined up to take their spots. In most industries, there are typically many qualified individuals ready to fill roles left by those retiring from the workforce.

In the 20th century, trucking was a glorified career choice. The combination of freedom on the road along with the latest freight technology was very appealing. Today, those entering the workforce or looking for a career change are not exposed to the option or its value.

Not Enough Awareness

Today, there are many young people who yearn for a life on the open road, away from offices and a bunch of paperwork. Unfortunately, unless they take the time to really research the specific opportunities, there isn’t as much exposure to going to a truck driving school in order to obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Illinois.

Most people entering the job market associate a full-time job as a 9-5 day spent in a cubicle.  After a few weeks of school, individuals can be on the road making over $40,000 when they first enter the industry. Trucking is still a viable option to support a family today.

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