Protecting Personal Items In Self Storage Eyota MN

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Moving Services

When there is a need to store items for a long duration of time, their protection is a concern. There are several ways to enhance the interior of a self-storage unit to keep items from falling victim to moisture damage or excessive dust accumulation. Here are some tips to try to help keep personal effects clean and dry while in Self Storage in Eyota MN.

Purchase Covers For Moisture-Prone Items

It is a wise idea to cover items with protective sheeting or tarps to help keep them in a pristine state. Be sure to secure coverings around the bottoms of items, so moisture does not make its way through to the undersides of items being stored. It is also important to avoid covering items that are not dry as this could cause water damage to an item if moisture is trapped underneath a covering.

Raise Items To Keep Them Protected

Items that are raised off of the ground-level will be less likely to accumulate moisture around them. Also, dirt buildup will not be as heavy depending on the material used for the flooring in a unit. Place several wood pallets on the floor and place items on top of them. Alternately, use a shelving unit to contain items. Items placed on the middle tiers will not accumulate as much dust as they will have protection above and below them.

Check The Unit For Cracks And Holes

If a unit is riddled with gaps around the door or cracks in the walls, dirt and moisture will make its way to the interior space. Do a complete inspection of a self-storage unit for damage before signing a rental agreement. If any light is seen from the interior of the unit when the door is in a closed position, ask to rent a different unit instead.

When there is a need to place items in Self Storage in Eyota, MN, finding the right facility to hold them is a must. Call Rochester Indoor Storage to find out more about their unit availability and pricing structure. Browse the website to learn more about this business and to obtain contact information.

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