Finding Affordable Wedding Limos in Town

by | May 23, 2013 | Transportation

One of the essentials for any wedding is the limo. It just gives that extra touch to have the bride and groom arrive or ride off from the party in their stretch limo. Unfortunately, some couples have scrapped the idea of arriving or leaving in a limo simply due to costs. A wedding is very expensive and often times some things just have to be cut from the budget. There are ways to find and hire more affordable wedding limos in Long Island, though.

Book Early

First and foremost, try to contact all of the companies for wedding limos in Long Island well in advance (at least six to nine months prior to the wedding date). Set aside a budget and mention to the company that there is a tight budget involved. A lot of times the limo companies will offer a little bit of a discount for couple who makes their reservations far in advance. Some may require a security deposit in order to hold the reservation but the upfront payment is worth it for the savings.

Avoid Large Limos

Another thing to consider is to downsize the limo. It is a lot of fun to include the whole wedding party in the limo ride. When budget is tight though, another way to save is to go with a smaller limo that is just for the bride and groom or the bride, groom, maid / matron of honor and best man. Leaving out the extended wedding party will make the limo rental cheaper.

Shop Around for Quotes

The next thing that a person can do is to shop around for his or her limo service. There are plenty of choices in the Long Island area. It is always good to do a comparison of the available limo companies. Sometimes a limo company will offer a little extra discount as an incentive to hire them when they known that a customer is shopping around for their limo service needs.

Following these simple tips can really help to make hiring a limo for a wedding very affordable. It may be possible to add this luxury touch to the wedding without going over budget. A limo ride from the wedding is an experience that is hard to match.


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