Finding A Moving Company In Bethehem, PA

by | May 22, 2013 | Movers

Are you scheduling a move? Are you looking in wonder at all the things you will have to do to get the move underway? Does the task seem daunting? Hiring a Bethlehem Movers might be the best solution to your worries.

A professional moving company should be able to move you across town or across the globe. It should be able to handle residential as well as business or corporate clients. Drivers should be selected based on their clean driving record and the happiness of their clients.

Local moves should be easy. You box up your possessions, and a driver and helper come to load the truck safely with your boxes and your furniture to take them to your new home where they will help you unload them. It’s an easy enough process.

National moves are a little trickier – mostly having to do with dates and times. You want your possessions to arrive roughly the same time you do. Which means coordinating with the moving company as to when you’ll be able to start moving things in to your new home. A reputable mover will be able to work around your schedule and bring your items at a specific time on a specific date.

International moves are even trickier. You’ll have to deal with customs agents and getting the right paperwork for your items to be allowed in the country. Usually your container will be shipped by sea rather than air, so it may take a while for you to get your possessions. It will be important for you to make other arrangements as to living space until your items arrive.

Corporate or business moves fall back into the simpler pile unless it is an international move – which requires the same efforts as a residential international move. Moving locally or across the country, the moving company should offer reliable dates and times to move your office.

Tips and tricks of the moving industry? Clearly label all your boxes – not just with the room but with what is in each box. That will help tremendously when you are unpacking and will allow the mover to know just which room each box goes in. Pick up a change of address form and make sure your friends and family have your new information. Your Bethlehem Movers should have other tips and tricks to offer you.


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