Tips For Selecting A Self Storage Facility

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Storage and Logistics

If you think all self storage companies are the same you would be wrong in your assumption. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a self storage facility in which to store your belongings. Let’s look at a few tips that will help you choose the right self storage facility for you.

Location is always something to consider when trying to decide on which self storage facility to use for you and your family’s belongings. Location is something that many people do not take under consideration when thinking about which storage facility to use, but it is one that should be thought about. What if you have all of your items in storage and you find yourself in real need of one of those items and it happens to be a huge winter storm on the way? Are you going to be able to travel a long distance to get what you need or would it have been easier to find a storage unit that is close by your house? I think you can figure out that it would be much easier to drive right down the road than it would be to travel a long distance.

Security is also something to consider. Not all self storage facilities have the same type of security. If you choose an older self storage facility to leave your belongings in, you may run the risk of having your items taken away from you if the facility gets broken into. Most of the new self storage facilities on the other hand offer high tech security that will be much harder for a potential thief to get into.

Another thing to consider when choosing a self storage facility is the hours of operation. Some storage facilities are open 24 hours, but there are a few that have set hours of operation. If you want to have access to your belongings at all times of the day or night, you may want to pick a storage facility that is open 24/7.

Some self storage facilities have very limited storage units. Many of them however offer all sizes of storage units so that you can have a better choice of where to store your belongings. If you have very large items such as boats or cars you need to keep in storage, you will need to choose a self storage facility that has the capabilities to store such large items.

Some storage facilities offer climate control for those items you have that need to be kept in a cool dry place, while others do not offer this luxury. Be sure to choose a self storage company that offers you all that you desire.


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