The Main Qualities of Trustworthy Movers in San Antonio

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Movers

Moving can be an exhausting process because not only do you need to hire movers in San Antonio to help you transport your belongings to the new property but also, you have to get settled, learn more about the new area, adjust to change, etc. Don’t let everything overwhelm you because finding suitable movers in San Antonio is half the battle. People living in San Antonio often work with Move Pros, who offer local and long haul services. With a free estimate you can plan out your expenses and start enjoying your new property. So, what do movers in San Antonio like Move Pros offer that other movers don’t?

Various Moving Options

Move Pros cater to everyone’s needs and this makes them the number one choice for people who are looking for movers in San Antonio. Trained movers are willing to help with house moves, regardless of the size of the property. If you live in an apartment and want to relocate to a different apartment for work, studying or other reasons you can expect this company to assist you with reasonable hourly rates. The online quotes will not fluctuate, so what you see is what you get. Long distance moves can also be completed or if you want to get loading/unloading services for storage containers or large trucks, Move Pros will be happy to help.

Boxes and Packing

Most movers in San Antonio expect their customers to sort out their own boxes and packing but Move Pros are different. This company provides all of the packing material and boxes for an affordable rate. For example, large moving boxes cost $2.50 each and small moving boxes cost just $1.50 each. The tape is suitable for securing even the heaviest boxes and the shrink wrap/bubble wrap acts as a shield to prevent your fragile belongings from being scuffed, scratched or seriously damaged. Moving closets, cupboards and other large pieces of furniture? You can rely on Move Pros to provide you with a wardrobe box and bar for just $16.

Free Estimates

Additional expenses can creep up on you and affect you financially but Move Pros promise to provide free estimates. What’s more, the estimate price is guaranteed, so you need not worry about the rates changing when you select a moving date. The free estimates can be obtained online in a matter of seconds and all you have to do is supply information, such as customer information, moving information, items to be moved, etc.


You can take advantage of all of the above services when you hire movers in San Antonio. Move Pros have been serving local people since 1999 and they offer free shrink wrap and padding to every customer. Whether you are moving apartments, businesses or houses, Move Pros can help. To learn more about this locally owned company and to get quotes for long distance moves, visit their website at

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