Move With Confidence: Shipping Services in Fort Myers FL Can Help

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Shipping

Each year in the United States of America, more than 550 million pieces of mail are delivered, and this does not include other types of transport or delivery such as moving homes or equipment. Besides mail, individuals move vehicles, paintings, furniture and much more. This is a billion-dollar industry that stretches across state and international boundaries.

When moving or shipping items, it can be quite risky. One in ten items are damaged in transport each year and this can lead to a struggle and headache for the individual looking for the safe arrival of their precious things. This can be even more dangerous when moving larger items such as vehicles, priceless antique furniture, etc. Shipping services in Fort Myers FL can help with all packing and moving needs.

Providing moving and packing services for homes and commercial businesses is a delicate job that requires precision and attention to detail. Even the most non-fragile items contain small and delicate parts that must be protected. It requires knowledge and expertise to ensure every piece is carefully packaged and moved to avoid damage in any way or in storage.

Why Packing Is Important

Packing is the first step to moving anywhere. Is every person sure they have the right supplies or what it takes to move an entire home or business? If not, think about hiring a moving company that can pack things the right way. It may be common sense, but many do not know the proper form of packing. With the expert packing and unpacking services provided, one can know that their belongings will receive an attentive inventory of all items, newer, top-quality trucks, specialized packing materials and licensed and insured professionals.

Moving and Storage

After packing comes the next most important part, moving and/or storage of items. As mentioned before, this mob requires delicacy and precision. Again, one can know that their belongings will receive the care they deserve through Rices Moving and Transport Inc by pad-wrapping and shrink wrapping, licensed and insured professionals along with the service of storing in a climate controlled and protected warehouse while homes are being remodeled.

If you or someone you know is moving a home or businesses and is looking for the best care possible, look no further. Shipping services in Fort Myers FL will take care of all your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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