What to Look for in Temporary Storage in Manhattan

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Storage and Logistics

While it is great that the old house sold so quickly, the former owner does have to deal with a minor problem. The new place will not be ready for a couple of months. While staying with a friend during that time is easy to arrange, there is the matter of what to do with the furniture and other belongings. This is where renting some type of temporary Storage in Manhattan will save the day.

Finding a Unit That is Large Enough

The good thing about Storage in Manhattan is that the chances of finding a unit large enough to accommodate all the belongings are quite high. Many providers have units ranging from just large enough to store holiday decorations to something that can accommodate kitchen appliances, bookshelves, furniture and just about anything else the client can imagine. Having everything packed and moved to the one storage unit will make it all the easier to transport everything to the new place once it is ready.

Climate Control

One point to consider closely is what the weather will be like during those two months of storage. When extremes of heat and cold are not expected to occur, opting for a unit that does not come with temperature and humidity control may be fine. If there is any possibility of bad weather that could cause damage to wood furniture or other belongings, it pays to spend a little more and opt for a climate controlled environment.

Security Measures

When considering the merits of the storage facility, always consider the security measures that are in place. Are surveillance cameras located around the storage units? What sort of locks are provided? Does the facility make use of security guards to patrol the area on a regular basis? All these measures will go a long way in making sure the belongings are kept safe and sound for the duration of the rental period.

Choosing a storage facility with the right combination of benefits will make this short period in between residences much easier to manage. Call today and start checking out the options. It will only take a little while to find a company that offers all the features and amenities desired.

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