Rotator Service Capabilities in Atlanta, GA

The Peterbilt Rotator is a special piece of equipment. This exceptional machine is the only one of its kind operating in the Metro Atlanta area. When the strength of this rotator is combined with an experienced driver, a seasoned wrecking company can utilize these resources to effectively handle heavy duty operations. A company offering experienced rotator services in Atlanta, GA should have the professional skills to get the required lifting operations done safely and correctly.

This rotator operates and appears the same as a crane. However, using a rotator as opposed to a crane is a better option. For example, this rotator can be positioned inside building structures, operate in tight spaces, and carry out jobs that are more problematic for cranes to perform.

Rotator Equipment Capabilities

Rotator Service with Crane Type Lifting Capabilities
The rotator looks and operates similar to a crane, but it can perform tasks in tight spaces.

Heavy Equipment Lifting
The Peterbilt rotator is a powerful piece of equipment, with the ability to handle 150,000 pounds. It is ideal for unloading and loading operations.

Generator and Compressor Placement
Commercial compressors and generators are extremely heavy pieces of equipment. When you need these pieces of equipment relocated, this rotator can handle the job.

Trailer Stacking and Unstacking
This rotator is perfectly suited for unloading and loading heavy trailers.

Machinery Lifting and Placing
This caliber of rotator can operate in confined spaces, making the relocation and placement of machinery outdoors or indoors not difficult.

Construction Equipment Recovery
This rotator can pick up and relocate incapacitated heavy construction equipment safely.

Construction Lifting and Winching
This rotator can work on a construction site to support your construction machinery with winching and lifting operations.

Recover Vehicles

If the vehicle is trapped under a bridge, in a ravine, or in between guardrails, a rotator can provide fast extraction services in these situations.

Emergency Service Support
Specifically designed to take care of emergency situations, this rotator truck is available to help first responders when extractions or ultra-lifting operations are required.

If you are interested in rotator services, contact an experienced professional wrecker service today serving the Atlantic, GA area.

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