Packing To Make The Move Go Smoothly

Those people who pack efficiently and intelligently for a move are less stressed than those that don’t. As moving is stressful at the best of times, it stands to reason that everything that can be done to reduce stress and anxiety should be done. If your job demands that you move frequently, odds are you already have it down to a science.

Once you have made your inquiries, received various estimates to conduct the move and then selected the moving companies in Massachusetts that you feel good with, start organizing all the things you will need. If you are planning on doing all your own packing; approach it the way the moving companies do. Purchase as many big boxes that you need, then buy twice as many boxes which are half the size, they nest nicely with the larger boxes then buy a lot of smaller boxes. Your moving company probably sells boxes and they may have a good idea of how many of what size you will need. In most cases, if you have excess boxes, the moving company will credit you when they are returned. For the frequent mover, make sure the boxes are the best that money can buy so they can be re-used a number of times. Hopefully, as you have purchased electronics such as stereo components, TVs and computers you have kept the boxes and the formed packing. By re-using the boxes that the electronics came in you can be assured that they will not be damaged while in transit.

Moving companies in Massachusetts never over pack a box and neither should you. The large boxes should be used for light, bulky items like bedding and clothing. Use the small boxes for packing the heavy things, just don’t overload them; remember, someone has to carry them.

Have plenty of carton sealing tape on hand and broad felt tip markers as well as wrapping paper and foam peanuts for protection. Make sure the boxes are well sealed, if they should shift during the move you want to make sure they don’t pop open and spill the contents all over the truck.

Pack one room at a time, go through the contents carefully, throw out or donate all the things you don’t want, it is just costing good money to move things which will never come out of the box again.

There can be few things better when making a move than a good packing list all associated to numbered boxes. As you pack box after box, list the contents on a separate sheet of paper, number the box and paper with identical identification. It is so simple at the other end to get at the items you need when you first arrive when you can find the right box.

Once everything has been packed and all the items that are of no use to you have been disposed of, the next chore is loading the truck. If you’re loading the truck yourself, take your cue from the professional moving companies in Massachusetts; load evenly and distribute the weigh. Make sure the furniture is well padded and stack the boxes as described; big ones on the bottom, then the medium size and finally the small boxes. Put the boxes that you will need first at the back of the truck so they are there when the truck doors are opened.

With a little thought and lots of organization, your move can go smooth and stress free.


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Author: Ione Lawerance

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