Packing Tips for Long-Distance Moves

by | May 7, 2012 | Transportation

When preparing to move, it’s important not only to choose a reliable moving company in Manhattan, but also to pack your items securely for the moving company truck, shipments, or storage. While it’s possible to hire a moving company in Manhattan to not only transport your items but also to pack them, or part of them, it’s likely that many people will choose to do much of their own packing. Here are some tips to make sure that you pack your things securely.

1. Make a plan. Many of us are good at putting off packing until the last minute, and then it is too late to make an effective plan. A lot of us end up literally throwing things into boxes in a sort of manic frenzy approaching panic on the day of the move, tossing in various items regardless of what they are or how they fit, taping the boxes up and then being disappointed to find broken items on the other end. You need a specific, realistic plan to avoid this dilemma. Start packing items you rarely use right away, as soon as you know that you know you are going to move. Continue in the same trend, packing what you don’t need or use often first, and then other items as moving day approaches.

2. Make sure that everything you pack is allowed to go on the truck. Flammable items are not allowed, nor are perishable items. Check with your moving company in Manhattan to get a list of what is or is not allowed.

3. Know what you are packing in which boxes. When you arrive at your destination, you may need items such as cooking utensils right away. You may not need knick knacks and books until later. Label your urgent item boxes with a marker, “Open First.” Label other boxes according to room and contents.

4. Separate items that are fragile from other items. Pack the fragile items carefully, making sure that they fit snugly with plenty of paper and wrap to cushion them. Fragile items should fit snugly in their boxes. Items that are too big for a box may tear the box or break easily. Items too small that are not snugly packed may move inside the box and break. Seal the boxes tightly so that they cannot come open during transport by the moving company in Manhattan.

5. If you still have original packages, pack electronic items in these. If not possible, use bubble wrap, newsprint, blankets, or foam to pack equipment securely in boxes.



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