General aviation charter flights – A brief glimpse at them

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Aviation‎

Mostly charter flights are a component of the air travel commonly named general aviation. It often goes unnoticed that most of the air traffic of the world falls in this category. General aviation will include all the flights that are not cargo, scheduled airline or military flights. It includes both commercial as well as private flights. Airports all over the world mostly serve general aviation aircrafts. General aviation flights comprise of powered parachutes, gliders, non-scheduled cargo flights.

General aviation is a wide net that encompasses a number of activities which are both commercial and non-commercial. It comprises of private flying, air ambulance, police aircraft, flight training, air firefighter, sky diving and many more. Light jets, experimental and light-sport aircraft are in trend these days.

The business aviation sector is very large industry. They provide fast and effective logistic solutions be it transporting people or goods from one place to the other. Corporate houses that operate on a global level have their own fleet of planes so it is possible for them to send people to their branches in other countries any where across the globe.

General aviations charter flights offer a number of advantages to their customers. To begin with, they save the time needed for security, baggage claims and ground transportation. Also, the traveler does not have to worry about going through baggage claim, so more time is saved in the process.

Another great advantage is that, the chartered flight will directly go to desired destination. There will be no stop-overs and connecting flights involved. So, business aviation flights directly fly to the customers factory and private hangers too. General aviation has turned into a really large industry as there is a big demand for chartered flights today. They are not a luxury but a necessity as companies expand the boundaries across continents.

Charter Flights

Charter Flights

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