Factors To Consider When Choosing Self Storage Units In Chicago

by | May 27, 2013 | Movers

People need self storage Chicago facilities for a number of reasons. Perhaps they have decided to downsize their home, but now lack the necessary space to house all of their belongings. Rather than simply disregard them, they turn to a storage facility. Maybe their office is in the process of renovation, and they need a place to store some of their equipment until construction is complete. Storage facilities keep their items safe and out of the way until they are ready to retrieve them.

When choosing self storage space that will meet your needs, the following key factors should be considered:

How much space will you need?

Are you storing a few bed frames or toys from your children’s younger days, or do you need to pack away an entire house full of furniture? Storage units are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from comparable to a walk-in closet to warehouse facilities capable of holding the entire inventory of a business.

In some cases, you may start off with a few items but anticipate adding more over time. If so, be sure to choose a unit that will allow you enough space to do so. This will prevent the need to pack up everything in your unit and move to a new one in the future.

For those who need to store several company vehicles or a number of pieces of heavy machinery, many storage facilities offer enclosed, garage style units.

Does the storage facility offer clean, climate controlled units?

For some items, such as outdoor furniture or weather resistant toys, environment is not of the utmost importance. For others, though, it is crucial. Those priceless collections of comic books or vinyl records and stacks of irreplaceable photo albums need a carefully controlled facility with heat, air conditioning and moisture management; otherwise, dirt, extreme temperatures and humidity could destroy them.

Is the facility secure?

Make sure the facility features adequate lighting and ample security cameras. Ask if there is a security guard on duty at all times. All these elements help deter would be thieves and keep your belongings safe.

Most companies providing self storage in Chicago happily offer tours of their facilities for potential clients, giving you the opportunity to find answers to the previously mentioned questions. Additionally, their staff will be available to address any additional concerns and help you find the unit that best meets your needs.

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