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by | Jun 26, 2012 | Transportation

The cab services surrounding the entire city of LA is really one of the most brilliant and professional means of transport. Airport transportation services in Los Angeles have made the local passengers and international tourist of Los Angeles highly satisfied with their yellow cab transportation that connect them in a number of major cities like Santa Monica, Venice beach, west Hollywood, century city, Brentwood, Bel Air and many more important places. If you hire cab services from the LA cab agencies you will meet the most independent and skilled cab drivers in the world.

LA cab drivers and services: All the LA cab drivers have been rigorously trained with the defensive and safe driving skills as they have progressed through the professional training programs and pre screening before joining the fleet. Moreover they are all licensed and the cab agencies generally check their backgrounds to be sure of their previous records. Drug testing has also been included in this regard for the drivers to provide fully professional and reliable cab services to the customers. A number of cab services are offered to the customers out of whom the followings are important.

* Airport shuttle

* Medical visits on emergencies

* Sightseeing trips

* Shopping

* School or office pick up and drops

* Different social event visits

Services for senior citizens and corporate: Airport transportation services in Los Angeles provide special discount rates for the senior citizen customers and therefore if they can provide FAME or IILA coupons those are accepted and special discount services are given to them in response. If you want to hire Airport transportation services in Los Angeles then you can book your deal on the website of the cab agency and all you can do is to mention the name of your company along with your contact details.

Rates of LA cab services: The basic rate of flag down is around $3 in all the yellow cab in the city of LA but rates are different for the orange and green taxis. After the flag down rate on your every mile $.30 will be charged. For the airport regions additional charges are attached as mandated by the airport authority. But if you want to opt for the senior citizen special offers then you should get an age proof document that shows you are at least 65 years or above.

Conclusion: If you are hiring for the corporate services via the Airport transportation services in Los Angeles then you should know that additional discounts and privileges are offered for those corporate companies that have their corporate accounts in the respective LA can agencies. Since LAX is one of the most busiest and populated airports in the entire LA therefore the presence of foreign tourists as well as business persons is very high in this terminal, therefore you can see that making a corporate account will be actually beneficial for your transport. So what are you waiting for? Hire for the service you want and have a safe ride.

Los Angeles Airport Transportation – You can contact LA Yellow Cab Co. for all your airport transportation needs in Los Angeles. Get more information about their discount rates and plans for senior citizens and also for the special offers available for business purposes. Or visit their website to learn more about the company:

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