Choosing Affordable, High-Quality Movers

Millions of people move between homes, apartments, and condos each year in the United States alone. Surprisingly, nearly all of those moves go smoothly without any unexpected problems. One of the ways to ensure your next move is straightforward and simple is by hiring a quality moving company. There is no lack of affordable moving companies in Los Angeles but finding the best of the bunch can be more challenging. We’re here to help.

House Inventory

A moving company that is professional and experienced will want to take inventory of everything in your home to get an idea of the weight and bulk of the upcoming move. The mover who visits your home will want to look at all storage areas in the home, including the garage, cupboards, and bookcases. A large portion of the price of moving is related to the weight of your belongings. Understanding what you are moving is the key to providing you with an accurate estimate.

Thorough Walk-Through

If the estimator who visits your current home rushes through without taking notes or paying attention to what is around them, that’s likely not the right mover for you. A great mover will ask you questions about what you will be moving from one location to the other. Expect to explain about what you will be donating, selling, or giving away. The more information the estimator has, the better.

Low Deposits

Any reputable moving company will never require a large deposit before the move takes place. Some may require a small deposit, while others will not require one at all. You should be paying the bulk of the bill upon delivery to your new home. Scammers often take people in by asking for large deposits and then never showing up to do the move. Be wary and if you do pay a deposit, do so by credit card so you have a better chance of getting the money back if something goes wrong.


One of the best ways to find affordable moving companies in Los Angeles is by speaking with friends and family. However, if you do not have recommendations, you can get a list of movers from the American Moving and Storage Association. No matter who you choose, make sure you get a few references and be sure to contact them. This will give you answers to all the questions you might have.

Extra Fees

Some companies will have additional fees for certain services, so it’s crucial to know that in advance. There may be a fee for moving furniture down a few flights of stairs or for parking farther away from the dwelling. Ask about these fees before you choose a mover. Keeping your budget is important and having a dozen extra things to pay for is a hassle.

If you need an affordable moving company in Los Angeles, Moving & Storage would love to help. Find out more or get a free quote by calling us.

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