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by | May 9, 2012 | Transportation

Phil and Doris Chitterling will never forget the day they arrived from across the country to their new home in Pennsylvania. They hired a second rate, unlicensed and uninsured moving company far from Delaware County as an act of compassion. The entire sales pitch, which they discovered online, was that this particular company employed down-on-their-luck felons who had just been released from prison – a fact that would cause most people to let red flags fly immediately. But the spin on the story was that the felons were innocent or, they claimed, were found guilty of very dubious white collar crimes, such as insider trading.

“Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading,” said Doris Chitterling. “And I mean, that just doesn’t seem all that dangerous to me, right? Who wouldn’t want Martha Stewart helping you move your stuff? I’d trust her.”

The moving company went to Delaware County with all their things packed securely within a large truck after a very speedy and successful morning spent packing and loading. None of the white collar criminal ex-convicts resembled Martha Stewart in any way whatsoever, but they were very friendly and courteous, and Phil noted that part of their logo stitched into their shirts included the symbol of a fish. This, he felt, meant they could be relied upon. “We took a leisurely, enjoyable drive across the country,” said Phil. “We had no idea what was waiting for us once we reached our new home in Pennsylvania.”

What waited for them when they reached their new home was precisely nothing. No moving van, no trace of the moving company in Delaware County, anywhere. They walked into an empty house, thinking the movers were just late, even though they could not reach them. So they made the best of things and slept that night on the floor of their new home, eager for the morning and the truck’s arrival when they could move everything in.

But the truck never arrived. “We were totally ripped off,” said Doris. “We checked with another reputable moving company in Delaware County, and they had never heard of the outfit.”

“Not only were we ripped off,” Phil added, “but we helped. We packed all our stuff up, bought the burglars pizza, and sent them off with a handshake with all of our earthly belongings, none of it ever to be seen by us again.”

Both agree they will be more careful next time they move and choose a licensed, insured moving company in Delaware County. “Those guys were not white collar criminals!” Doris adds emphatically. “They were definitely blue collar!”


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Moving Disasters

Moving Disasters


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