A Look at Some Models of Limousines You can Hire for an Upcoming Event

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Transportation

Limousines come in handy during some occasions in life. You do not necessarily have to own a limousine. Running one may be expensive. It may also create an inconvenience in terms of parking. Events that require this type of luxury vehicles include funerals, proms and weddings. The most popular is the stretch limousine.

Limousines Northern Virginia hire companies keep different sets of vehicles. Cost of hire varies depending on the age and make of the vehicle. Some companies bill per hour beginning from the moment the vehicle leaves their premises. Others will charge per day. It is up to you to choose the billing method as per the length of time you need to use the vehicle.

Below is a list of limousines from which you can choose to rent for your special occasion.

Lincoln limousine: This luxury vehicle is highly regarded because of its elegance, class and style. It is a car that befits any kind of occasion. The interior is luxurious with comfortable seats and stylish interior lighting. Lincolns are reputed for safety and top engine power.

Hummer: While stretch limousines have a capacity of 12 persons, a stretch Hummer limousine accommodates 24 of them. In case you are wondering whether your VIP passengers will squeeze into this vehicle, the good news is, they won’t. It is recommended for situations where you need to transport a large number of people luxuriously. A Hummer limousine is ideal for countryside destinations.

Next time you want to arrive at an event in style inquire from Limousines Northern Virginia whether they do have Chrysler 300. Chryslers are usually ahead of the pack especially when it comes to presence, luxury and style. At times, a vehicle model can lose its appeal when converted into a stretch limo. Not so with a Chrysler. This vehicle is 6’’ longer in comparison to standard vehicles of the same make. Passengers have got more space. This limo will definitely make heads turn.

Another type of limousine that defines elegance is a Cadillac. The passenger seating area is enhanced through installation of several LCD color TVs and top of the range music system.

Other amenities that are to be found in limousines include an in-vehicle telephone, intercom and mini-bar. However, you can decide not to have such additional luxuries as there is an extra charge for that. This will depend on your budget. Using a limousine speaks volumes about your status and the impression you would like to create. You need to check for the kind of vehicles on offer and compare the amenities available. Newer vehicles will cost more. Remember to inquire about the billing whether it is on hourly or per day basis.



Every luxury vehicle rental company has its own fleet of Limousines Northern Virginia. Visit different companies’ websites and get a hint of what to expect. Ensure that the vehicle is well serviced. For more information majesticlimoservice.com.

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