3 Tips to Keep in Mind Ahead of Your Move with a Moving Services Chicago Company

You’ve probably heard the stories from your neighbors. Everyone has heard of that one move that went bad. Items were damaged. The move took way too long and the bill went up as a result. Not everyone is an expert at moving. But if you keep these tips in mind before selecting your moving services Chicago professional, you’ll be in a good position to keep your own personal unpleasant story from happening.

Start Packing on Your Own

While it is convenient that a lot of moving services Chicago companies offer fully featured packing services, these can get extremely expensive if you let the moving company pack your entire house. It’s best to pack what you can in the weeks ahead of the move. Perhaps you can leave just your delicate items for some professional packing to ensure that nothing will be damaged. If you have the keys to your new apartment or house early, don’t be afraid to throw some lighter items in the car and start moving your things over by yourself. You can often find plenty of free boxes to start the packing process at any major retail store.

Have Items Ready to Go

If the moving services Chicago professionals are moving your large screen TV, make sure it’s already unplugged and protected before they get there. If they have pack a large number of items for you, place those items in one spot right next to each other. If the movers have to keep going back to the cupboard to get the expensive glassware, that’s going to eat up extra time. If all of the glassware is already down on the countertop or out on the dining room table, the ease of access is going to allow your movers to get the items into truck in a much more timely fashion. Also be sure to check if all of your items can easily fit outside the door of your home. If you have a large couch that doesn’t fit outside the door without taking the hinges off, tell the movers about this ahead of time so they can come prepared. Better yet, maybe even take the door off the hinge yourself before the movers even get there.

Read the Reviews

The Internet can be a wonderful place for information. Chances are you are not the first person to require a moving services Chicago company to assist you with your move. Google the name of the company and see what comes up. See if there are any complaints or if the company has a good record. Search the Better Business Bureau and see if anyone has ever complained to that outlet as well. Chances are even the best companies sometimes run into snags with some customers, it’s a nature of the business. But if you see that there have been more snags than positive moves, you’ll want to go with a different moving service professional.


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